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Veronica Leather Collection
Code: VL(colour) avg. 4.8-5.2 sqm
HM308 Medium Eyelet Machine
Code: HM308BNMSP4 setup for SP4
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FIBREMAX Stabilized Nylons Spinaker Fabric

Code: SCNFS44 Fibremax 44
Code: SCNFS64 Fibremax 64
Code: SCNFS94 Fibremax 94
Code: SCNFS144 Fibremax 144
Code: SCNFS184 Fibremax 184
Mainsail fabrics Marblehead Weaved
Low aspect fiber 104

Code: SCD4.77/54 4.77 fabric
Code: SCD5.77/54 5.77 fabric
Code: SCD6.77/54 6.77 fabric
Code: SCD7.77/54 7.77 fabric
Code: SCD8.77/54 8.77 fabric
Code: SCD9.77/54 9.77 fabric
Code: SCD10.77/54 10.77 fabric
Code: SCD11.77/54 11.77 fabric
Mainsail fbric High Aspect
High aspect fiber 104

Code: SCD4.6/54 4.6 fabric
Code: SCD5.6/54 5.6 fabric
Code: SCD6.62/54 6.6 fabric
Code: SCD7.62/54 7.6 fabric
Code: SCD8.62/54 8.6 fabric
Code: SCD9.62/54 9.6 fabric
Code: SCD10.62/54 10.6 fabric
Code: SCD11.62/54 11.6 fabric
Mainsail/Genoas fabric High Modulus Dacron
Low aspect

Code: SCD4.93/54 4.93 fabric
Code: SCD5.53/54 5.53 fabric
Code: SCD6.53/54 6.53 fabric
Code: SCD7.03/54 7.03 fabric
Code: SCD8.03/54 8.03 fabric
Code: SCD9.03/54 9.03 fabric
Code: SCD10.53/54 10.53 fabric
Code: SCD11.93/54 11.93 fabric
Mainsail/Genoas fabric High Modulus Dacron h
High aspect

Code: SCD5.93/54 5.93 fabric
Code: SCD6.63/54 6.63 fabric
Code: SCD7.3/54 7.53 fabric
Code: SCD8.63/54 8.63 fabric
Code: SCD9.3/54 9.3 fabric
Code: SCD10.3/54 10.3 fabric
Code: SCD13.93/54 13.93 fabric
Tall Ships fabric

Code: SCD11.8/54 11.8 oz
Code: SCD12.8/54 12.8 oz
Code: SCD17.0/54 17.0 oz
Coloured Dacron 3.8
Small boat mains and jibs, catamaran, windsurfer sails.

Code: SCD3.8GREEN/56 Green
Code: SCD3.8FY/56 Fluro Yellow
Code: SCD3.8FG/58 Fluro Green
Code: SCD3.8DKBLUE/56 Dark Blue
Code: SCD3.8MEDBLU/56 Medium Blue
Code: SCD3.8RED/56 Red
Code: SCD3.8YELLOW/56 Yellow
Coloured Dacron 6.03
For mains and jibs on catamarans, beachboats.

Code: SCD6.03DB/56 Dark Blue
Code: SCD6.03R/56 Red
Code: SCD6.03Y/56 Yellow
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